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Get Clicked On - Fulcrum Media Ltd, is a Digital Marketing agency based in Manchester. We honestly care about your business, and want ALL our Clients to see results from using one of our services, whether that is SEO, SEM, one of our Social Media packages, or simply benefiting from our low cost web design service.

Get Clicked On

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Who We Are

Formed in 2008 with a vision of helping businesses design a website and getting it listed on the first page of Google, as we could see the way things were heading digitally and the increasing importance of having an online presence. As far as we were concerned - Hard copy directories were going extinct - and fast!

Our team is made up of creative web designers and Intelligent, knowledgeable Search Technicians, who are constantly reading up on, watching video's, attending webinars and updating their skills in order to help our clients see results. Oh and did I forget to mention attending University! Proving our dedication once again to evolving, if not pioneering this new digital era were involved in. Keeping our finger on the pulse - In order to help YOU! Our valued Customers...

We work hard to convince local businesses‚ national companies and global corporations we have what it takes, and seldom disappoint. We keep our side of the bargain‚ getting them on the first page of google, and are excited at the opportunities that are to unfold in the coming years. All the latest technology we are going to be working with to help ambitious businesses, both large and small, succeed in this fast paced, ever moving, ever evolving, digital marketing world.

We are professional, competitive and competent in our service

When one of 'YOUR' potential customers searches the Internet for a product or service that 'YOU' provide - Are you going to appear on the SERP? (Search Engine Results Page) - Get Clicked On will Boost 'YOUR' business with a listing on the 1st page of Google - The Worlds most Popular Search Engine! You will then have the chance of generating enquiries and hopefully converting those leads into some new Business! INTERESTED??? Click here to Get Clicked On!

Social Media

Businesses across the country have chosen Get Clicked On for their marketing to seamlessly integrate everything they need to promote their business online, from Facebook marketing and social monitoring, to email, search, and more.

Pay Per Click

Get Clicked On has expert PPC advisors who can run an effective PPC campaign for your company. If you're interested in hearing more about our PPC services, get in touch with us.


We believe in judging work by its results. That's why we've created lots of opportunities here for you to see for yourself just how good we are, and learn just how we do it.

Mobile Websites

Convert your existing website info a mobile device friendly website.

Domain Registrar

Secure your business domain name with our domain registration service

Website Design

Here at Get Clicked On we have developed another fantastic low cost solution which enables you to have a professional bespoke website for as little as a £199!

Our Skills

We deliver you top quality designs that leave a lasting impression on your customers' minds and represent your business in the best way.

Get Clicked On has a team of highly skilled, creative and proficient designers from all over the UK.

Customer satisfaction is our dictum. Therefore, we at Get Clicked On make sure that we deliver you designs that successfully express your business philosophy
Get Clicked On consultants are available at your service 24/7 and 365 days to answer your queries and resolve your issues regarding business designs.
We deliver you top quality designs that leave a lasting impression on your customers' minds and represent your business in the best way.
We offer quality design services at affordable prices. This helps our clients to enjoy the best design services without putting a burden on their finances.